The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

You Can Bounce Back

If you are a new believer or one who has been following Christ for a long time, you will discover that the life of the Christian is a series of highs and lows. The great thing is we are never defeated because Christ overcame sin and death on the cross.  Scripture still reminds us not … Read more

A Servant’s Heart

We should all look at ourselves first and foremost as servants to Jesus Christ. A servant’s goal is to please the person they are serving. So if we are servants or Christ, all that we do should please Him. Our conversation, our thoughts, our attitude and our life in general should be pleasing to Christ. … Read more

Saved People Struggle Too

The best gift I ever received was the gift of salvation. However, many led  me to believe that it was smooth sailing after receiving salvation. Some also make us think that we will live a perfect life after salvation,  This was not the case.  The truth is some of my hardest struggles came after I … Read more

Handle With Care

Have  you ever received a package in the mail that says “Fragile: Handle with Care?” That tells you that there is something on the inside of the package that is delicate. There is something that is addressed to you but it also come with instructions as to how to handle it. Yes it belongs to … Read more

He Still Wants You

There are some people who will not accept the invitation of Christ because they feel they have messed up too bad.  The feel as if their sins are so bad, that God would never want to save their soul, That is so far from the truth. I love the hymn, amazing grace how sweet the … Read more

Stay In The Race

Life is a marathon not a sprint. Many times we start off too fast and give out before we complete the race. We must learn how to pace ourselves. Many of us give up because we gave out. We came out the gate too quick and did not have the endurance to finish. “The race … Read more

A God Encounter

Each Sunday I often here people say, they can’t wait to get to church to have another experience with God. Another statement I hear is, they can’t wait to get to church to get their praise on. The truth is, we don’t have to wait until Sunday to have an encounter with or praise God. … Read more

A Generous Savior

How generous are you? As we approach the holiday seasons, there will be many opportunities to show our generosity to friends and loved ones. Will you also be generous to strangers and too people who may not have been cordial to you? Will you only be nice to the ones who are nice to you?  … Read more