The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

Be A Godly Person

Every day we have the opportunity to influence people that we come in contact. We can be a positive influence or a negative one. Through our example and testimony, we can draw people to Christ. Through our lives, we can show people what it looks like to live for Christ. Daniel was a godly influence … Read more

Jesus, Our Righteous Judge

The Bible describes judgements. There will be one for those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ and one for those who don’t. For those that do believe, judgement is an evaluation of the person’s life. This may sound alarming, but we can find comfort in the fact that Jesus is our righteous judge.( John … Read more

Talking with God

How do we talk with GOD? He does not have a cell phone, facebook page or any type of social media page. Prayer is the way we communicate with GOD. Sometimes we observe others praying and fail to pray to God ourselves. At other times, we feel as if there is a certain way we … Read more

Eating The Word of God

Have you ever watched a newborn eat? You can look at a baby and see the contentment on their faces as they are feasting on their bottle.  Sometimes the baby will clutch the bottle and make happy noises as they are eating. After a while, that milk no longer satisfies the appetite of that not … Read more

When God Speaks To You

It is God’s desire to have a personal relationship with us and communicate with us on a regular basis. But, because he is not speaking audibly, many of us are un aware that He is so relational. For those willing to hear God, He can be discerned through many sources. The most obvious is His … Read more

Living In The Favor of God

Once we have received the favor of GOD through salvation, does it matter how we behave? After receiving God’s gracious salvation, we are not to continue action in ways that do not please him.  We are to instead walk in the newness of life and consider ourselves dead to sin. God’s divine grace frees us … Read more

Don’t Get Stuck

We are in the midst of some very difficult times. If we are not careful what we are currently experiencing will cause us to stop living and take our focus off of God. The fear of the unknown will cause us to focus on the chaos and not on Christ. We are surrounded by systematic … Read more