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Kathy Borders

A Servant’s Heart

We should all look at ourselves first and foremost as servants to Jesus Christ. A servant’s goal is to please the person they are serving. So if we are servants or Christ, all that we do should please Him. Our conversation, our thoughts, our attitude and our life in general should be pleasing to Christ.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where many are seeking to make a name for themselves. These selfish ambitions can make us loose our focus.  We set goals , make plans and do whatever  is necessary to achieve what we have set out to do. Many times we have completely programmed Christ out.

We are not called to attain fame and fortune for ourselves. We are to humbly follow the instructions of our master.  Jesus humbled himself and surrendered his life, even to the point of death. (Phil.2:5-8) Being His servant begins by having that same selfless attitude. We are not here to build our own kingdom but to faithfully serve God as He builds His.

Matthew 20:17-28


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