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Kathy Borders

Responsibility to Difficulty

God’s goal is to develop perseverance in His children, along with proven character and ultimately, hope. This life and its hardships won’t last long, but the glory that awaits is eternal.

The Lord controls and sets limits on our burdens so they don’t overwhelm us. His goal is not to destroy us, but to make us like His Son. He designs the difficulty according to our areas of weakness, so we’ll grow spiritually strong and lack nothing of eternal value. (James 1:4)

As God matures you, the intensity of trials may seem to build. You’ll be better able to handle them in a way that brings spiritual benefit while also honoring the Lord. Over time you’ll become more confident that He’s doing a good work in your life. Then you’ll find you can rejoice in Him and increasingly depend on His strength.

Romas 5:1-5

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