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Contentment is a quality seen in very few people. Society is always offering new items, gadgets and upgrades that promise pleasure, comfort and satisfaction. However, no material goods ever live up to that promise long term.  Many keep falling for the lies instead of relaxing in the certainty of Jesus who is our ultimate provider.

The book of Hebrews was written to help with discouragement. It is commonly referred to as the Faith Book.  It speaks of believers who faced many hardships but were able to overcome because of their faith. They may not have had tangible wealth or comforts, that many possess today, but in the Lord, they had all they needed.

Most of us today have far more material wealth and security than those early believers did, but still find it difficult to relax in God. Sometimes, that has to do with the heart while at other times it’s an inability to trust and fully rely on God. We love money and all that it provides. So, while the Lord “richly supplies us with all things to enjoy” (ITim.6:17), true enjoyment is only possible when our heart is set on Him rather than on worldly things. RELAX in the truth that God alone is our hope.


HEBREWS 13:5=6

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