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Kathy Borders

Don’t Give Up

Have you ever thought, I can’t take this anymore or I give up? These phrases have the power to change the direction of our life.

We need to understand that Satan and his angels can tempt us to stop waiting on God. They are constantly seeking people to distract and devour.  The enemy always tries to redirect our focus away from God and onto negative things that may be going on in our lives. His goal is to make us feel helpless and hopeless. If he accomplishes this, he can successfully detour our minds from God.

If you have ever wanted to throw in the towel, you have probably been influenced by Satan and his adversaries. Remember that God has a good purpose for the trials and tribulations HE allows in our life.  They produce perseverance to help us mature as Christians. When we look at things from that perspective, we can actually count it all joy.


James 1:2-12

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