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Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

Grow in God

We grow in Christ when we spend time reading his word. Scriptures are like food that nourishes our soul. Unfortunately, some Christians rely on the Sunday dinner to serve as the only spiritual food they eat. The word of God is the tool that we need to shape, develop and sustain our lives. We learn to depend on the Lord by reading his word. We come to him with our concerns as well as our praise. When we draw near to him regularly, our intimacy and love for Him grows.  Instead of seeing prayer and time in the word as a duty, we learn that our time with the Lord molds and cultivates our lives.

Our culture has no shortage of worldly voices and pressures that fill minds and influence behavior. When we intentionally schedule time for God, His word and His people, He will do His transforming work in our lives.

Romans 12:1-5

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