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A Godly Influence

Are we trying to impress people with who we are, or are we trying to influence people to know who God is? Through our example and testimony, we can influence people to follow us or to follow God? Which one are we doing? While it is easy to boast about ourselves and what we’ve accomplished, our goal should always be to alive a God influential life.

Scripture includes many examples of righteous men and women who were influential in their generation. One of them was Daniel. He was a godly influence not only to his friends but also on kings. As a young person, he was committed yo obeying God’s law. When he was offered food from the Babylonian king’s table, he requested vegetarian meals instead to comply with the Jewish dietary restrictions. His commitment to God outweighed any fear of reprisal for rejecting the royal provisions. God protected to Daniel by giving him favor with his overseer.

While many of us won’t have the chance to influence global leaders, our example can impact the workplace, our neighborhood, home and future generations. A godly example is rooted in obedience to God’s word because it is the source of wisdom. In a world that is tossed about by upheaval, fear, and a pandemic, our confidence in the Lord should stand out and influence those around us.

Daniel 1

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