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Check Your Walk

There are times in life we walk into places God never intended for us to go. We then yell for God to come get us out. He does. We then walk into another place not ordered by the Lord, and yell for God to get us out He does….and this cycle continues. We make excuses like the devil is on my track, the enemy always on me, the MAN trying to hold me down, and my favorite yall don’t want me to be great. While some of these statements may be true, the root of it is because…YOUR WALK IS WHACK!!  Who is ordering your steps…you can’t convince me that the Lord ordered you into some of these places. I know sometimes He allows us to go “thru” some things for our growth…but he never intended for us to take up residence there.
Some time ago, I was walking in places not ordained by God. It didn’t take me long to realize, I needed to check my walk.  I did just that and almost IMMEDIATELY the Lord ordered my steps into a wealthy place.  I don’t mean only with money but that came as well.
So if you’re constantly, repeatedly going thru negative, depressing, life stealing situations, get in the word, turn up your prayer life, listen to GOD and CHECK YOUR WALK!
Psalms 37:23

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