The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

Spiritual Erosion Part II

What causes spiritual erosion, stagnation and deterioration? The answer is often conformity to the world’s methods. values, and compromising with sin. The process of spiritual erosion begins in the mind when we allow our thoughts, attitudes and desires to be shaped by culture rather than the word of God. Soon we slip in to the godless and sinful behaviors around us.

Is your spiritual life where you want it to be? Or, has it been gradually weakened by the pressures of the world? Are you allowing social media or other peoples opinions shape your reasoning, desires or ambitions.  The way to counteract the erosion is to turn back to the Lord, be obedient and let the scriptures renew your mind.

As you learn to see life from God’s perspective, your desires and behaviors will conform to His perfect will.

Romans 12:1-2


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