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Watch Where You Sit

I needed a new chair for my home office. The one I had would slowly sink down every time I sat in it. I was constantly having to let it back up. Soon I’d get frustrated with what I was doing, have to start over or just stop working altogether. That chair had gone from assisting me to distracting and hindering me. I would look at my desk and there were many unfinished assignments, projects and reports. I stopped all because that chair had let me down.

How many times has something or someone who should have held you up, actually dropped you or let you down? You keep going back sitting in that same chair knowing that it no longer has the ability or the desire to hold you any more. So then you stop doing what you know you’ve been called or assigned to do just because someone or something let you down. God is not pleased. From this point on, I’ve decided to sit in JESUS. Why? Because HE is able to keep me from falling!!

So today I said, no more! I got my new chair and I’m going to complete some assignments and finish some projects I started.


Jude 1:24-25

Ephesians 3:20

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