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Kathy Borders

God’s Power Works

With all that is going on today, it is easy for us to get discouraged. This pandemic has caused  us to have to be physically separated from our friends, family and other loved ones.  We may feel as if we are alone and feel powerless and defeated.

When the feelings of hurt and defeat come upon us, we must remember that with God, we have all the power we need to live as God desires. God has given us His Holy spirit. (John 14:17) You may never achieve the world’s success, but God’s Spirit is always working towards your spiritual success.

God’s power will push our mind to know God’s truth. Then we will be able to grow in the knowledge of God and His word. God will then produce spiritual fruit within us, making us more like Him. God’s power will help align our desires with His will. His power will also help us to endure hardships and to be strong servants to Him and our fellow man.

Human strength and will power will fall short. The Lord promises to complete the good work He began in us. God’s power will not fail.

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