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Staying Young At Heart

Having recently celebrated birthday, I realize that this physical body has definitely aged. However, I have chosen not to get old. Old is a state of mind. I’ve decided that I will not allow my mind to catch up with my body. I will eventually work on this body as well.. but I digress. (lol)

I will continue learning all that I can. I’ll of course keep my mind active with the word of God. I will also make an effort to use other opportunities to keep my mind sharp. Leaning new skills takes effort and pushes me to stay mentally active. Gaining knowledge by reading, writing and experiencing new adventures will continue to keep my mind alert and focused.

I will continue to figure out more ways to use technology. Because of this pandemic,  it is imperative that we make good use of our social media outlets. Keeping up with these technological advances will ensure an active mindset. For right now, this will also be the way we keep the word of God in the forefront. So we must become technologically fluent. It should almost become our second language.

If God blesses us with many years, let’s bless Him with our service. He wants to use us all of our days. So we must stay young at heart as long as we can.

Psalm 92:12-15

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