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Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

Making God Goals

While working toward a goal that seems good, you realize that reaching them will require a choice of decisions that upset your spirit. Whenever that is the case, it’s safe to say, this hasn’t been approved by God. The Lord will not give you thoughts or goals that are contrary to His will and His word.

The Lord won’t ever approve a goal that is achieved on a godless trail. Following that path will surely lead to heartache, disappointment and regret. If reaching a goal requires violation of your conscience, or upsets the Holy Ghost in you, then you are headed where God has not called you. That goal is yours, not HIS.

Learn to appreciate your conscience and the Holy Spirit that dwells on the inside of you.  That is God’s gift of an internal warning system. Remember.. Make God Goals!!


1Timothy 1:18-19

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