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Godly Communication is Key

Every day we communicate with each other in various ways. Some may call, text, face time or even use social media. We are always in communication with others. But, how and how often do we communicate with God during the day?  Do we pray, read His word or even listen to encouraging music. Many of us have our set rituals where we spend time with Him at one specific time of the day. Then before we know it, that day is over and we haven’t spent any additional time communicating with the one who is the sustainer of our lives.

When we pray, God works in our heart so that we are in harmony with his will.   Prayer is our main way of communicating with God.  When we read God’s word, it gives us insight and clarity on His will for our lives. Constant communication with God makes us more aware of His presence in our every day lives. Therefore, when you walk through times of uncertainty, you can easier access His peace.

He is a God of relationships and wants to involve us in His work. In order for Him to do this, we must have communication with Him. Remember, Godly communication is key.

James 5:13-18

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