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Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

God Answers Prayer

In the midst of all we are enduring, we may think that our prayers are not being heard by God. Some may even feel, that God hears us but is choosing not to answer.  However, we are taught to persevere in prayer, and scripture teaches us that God will answer. Oftentimes, unanswered prayers are not about God’s unwillingness to respond, but has to do with requests made with wrong motives or limited thoughts.

We must remember to make wise requests. We should always make sure that what we are asking for is in the will of God. Even in prayer we must desire what God desires. We should also examine our motives. We must make sure we are not asking out of selfish desires. (James 4:3) In the end, we must trust God’s answers. We only see a glimpse of the future, while God sees and knows it in its totality.

Never give up on prayer. In His time, God will answer. Remember, prayer is about His will, not ours.

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