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Saved But Suffering

Some people are under the misconception that once they are saved, there would be no more suffering. That is far from the truth. If our savior suffered, then so shall we. (2 Timothy 2:12) He came to earth as a man and suffered an excruciating death. He was the Son of God, and suffered on the cross so we could have the right to eternal life.

Jesus took on human flesh so He could die and pay the price of mankind’s sinful nature. His pain was a direct consequence of our numerous transgressions.  Our Savior had to suffer to save us. Jesus had never yielded to sin. Yet, He submitted and bore our sins on the cross. It was the ultimate display of obedience and love.

When it’s a challenge for us to obey the Lord, we need to think about the sacrifice that was made for our salvation. He suffered on our behalf. If His obedience resulted in such a great benefit, surely our suffering has purpose as well.


Hebrews 5:7-9

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