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Having A Grateful Heart

Giving thanks and praise to God magnifies Him, but it also benefits us. Our gratitude is not a necessity to God, but as we give Him thanks, it aides us in many ways. When we express our gratefulness to God, it helps us refocus our attention. Currently our life is filled with many distractions. Because of this, it can sometimes make it harder to notice all that God is still doing for us. In the midst of our current situation, be thankful unto God for his faithfulness towards us.

When we intentionally show our gratefulness to God, it helps us think about our family and friends and how grateful we are that God has taken care of them. It helps us to realize that it’s not all about us and our needs.

Expressions of gratitude also helps us strengthen our faith. It encourages us to stay out of the pitfalls of despair and depression. Thanking God can be an instant jolt to ones spirit. Our fore parents would say, “The more I thank him, the better I feel.”

When you are feeling down trodden, thanking God is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, I have learned in the past few months that calling on the Lord in my lowest moments, is an immediate lift to my spirit. He will come and see about His children.


Psalm 105:1-5

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