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Faith Fight

It has been said that a faith that can’t be tested, is one that can’t be trusted. The events of today can have ones emotions swinging between strong and weak, or doubt and faith. Although you are aware of what the word says, your emotions may have you feeling something different.

No matter how long we have been with the Lord, events happen that make you question the strength of your faith. Will we lean toward the doubts or lean on our faith?  Three factors can influence our decision:  the state of our faith at the time of the trial, our knowledge of and understanding of God and his word, and our experiences with failure or success in the past.

To continue to grow in faith we must trust in God’s divine nature and wisdom, view difficulties from a scriptural perspective, set our minds on the promises of God, and reflect on the past faithfulness of the Lord.

It won’t always be an easy fight, but it will be worth with the fight.

James 1:2-8

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