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Kathy Borders

Talking with God

How do we talk with GOD? He does not have a cell phone, facebook page or any type of social media page. Prayer is the way we communicate with GOD. Sometimes we observe others praying and fail to pray to God ourselves. At other times, we feel as if there is a certain way we are supposed to pray. Do we stand? Do we sit? Do we kneel? Do we pray out loud? Do we pray in our head? The truth is, prayer is a personal relationship between you and Christ. It just needs to be from your heart.

Coming before a holy God should be sincere. It should fill us with humility rather than a self focused desire to be perceived favorably by others. Even though there will always be a need for public prayers, we should always have a personal prayer life with God. Our prayers should not be meaningless with repetitive words or phrases. They should be heartfelt petitions to God surrounded by words of thanks for what He has already done. GOD loves us and knows what we need. However, we should make it a daily habit of talking to HIM through prayer.

Matthew 6:5-8

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