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Eating The Word of God

Have you ever watched a newborn eat? You can look at a baby and see the contentment on their faces as they are feasting on their bottle.  Sometimes the baby will clutch the bottle and make happy noises as they are eating. After a while, that milk no longer satisfies the appetite of that not so little one. They have matured past the bottle and a whole new world of culinary possibilities opens up to them.

New believers, or babes in Christ are like newborns in the faith. The get a good grip on the basics of salvation. Babes in Christ sip scriptural truths that they understand.   However, as they grow and mature in the faith, their appetite changes and they long for more than just the basics. In other words, they have graduated from the bottle and are now ready for steak and spinach.

The holy spirit illuminates the word, making the meaning clear to those who seek to understand. According to Ephesian 4:11-16, pastors and teachers are charged with equipping the saints for service. God’s word is a feast for our hearts, mind and spirit.


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