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Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

Don’t Get Stuck

We are in the midst of some very difficult times. If we are not careful what we are currently experiencing will cause us to stop living and take our focus off of God. The fear of the unknown will cause us to focus on the chaos and not on Christ. We are surrounded by systematic racism, a virus, and yes,  even death. The uncertainty of these times has caused many to lose hope.

In 2 occasions, David had to keep moving during difficult times. In 1 Samuel 30, after arriving home from battle, his home had been burned and his wives had been taken captive.  Then, David’s own men turned on him and was ready to kill him. In I Samuel 20:6, it says “David encouraged himself in the Lord.”  Then in 2 Samuel 12, he suffered death of a child that he was expecting with Bathsheba. He fasted and prayed, but still the child died.  In 2 Sam. 12:20 it says. “Then David got up from the ground, washed himself, put on lotions and changed his clothes. He went into the Tabernacle and worshipped the Lord.”

May I encourage you? This is not the time to get stuck. When you stop moving, you become an easy target for the enemy. When you stop progressing, you become a candidate for stagnation. When you stop feeding your spirit,  you began to take on the spirit of depression and despair.

Pray, seek God and cling to His word.  There is strength and complete restoration there.


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