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Kathy Borders

Take Care Of Your Gift

How do you feel when you give someone a gift and the person you give it to does not use it or take care of it? You sacrificed to be able to give them something very special and valuable. However, they treat it as if it means absolutely nothing to them and they don’t treasure it at all. Christ sacrificed His life to give us all gifts to glorify Him and encourage others.

Christ has given every believer spiritual gifts to serve and build up the body of Christ. (1Cor 12.7) Sadly, many of us do not cherish the gifts and seldom use them for their God given intentions.  Paul urges Timothy to “not neglect his spiritual gift” (I Tim. 4:14)

Do not let anything stop you from using your gifts.  Moses thought his speech impediment would hinder him from using his gift.  Timothy may have been considered too young by some. Others may think they are too old. Some may feel they are unqualified because they may lack certain educational degrees.

Is anything keeping you from using your spiritual gift? Ask God to give you strength over it. The gifts are given to us but for others. Someone needs needs you to exercise it your gift.  We’ll find joy and blessings by serving others and doing the work God has designated for us.

I Timothy 4:12-16


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