The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders


Have you ever felt invisible or ignored? Have you ever felt unloved or not accepted? Have you ever felt like no one is paying attention to you or you’re not important? Can you remember how you felt?  Now think about how God feels when we do not pay attention to Him. One way we ignore God is by failing to be obedient to Him and His word, There are times that we sense his leading but we do not follow Him.  If we don’t seek Him through HIS word, prayer, praise and worship, we are neglecting Him again.

The consequences are painful. Neglect grieves God.  He desires a closeness with each one of His children.  We miss out on the best for our life when we don’t pay attention to God. Ignoring our connection and communication with God means missing out on His plan for our lives. (Jeremiah 29:11) We then  short change ourselves out of fulfilling the purpose HE created us for.

How are you living? Do you pay attention to to what God says? Are you living with your own set of standards?  If you tune your spirit to listen and discipline yourself to obey, you’ll enjoy great connection and intimate times with God.

James 4:17


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