The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

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Kathy Borders


Like many of you, I have not had the opportunity to attend traditional church service in about a month.  While not being able to come together for corporate worship has been difficult, it has made me realize that the real tabernacle should be in our hearts. The word “tabernacle” means the place where God resides. Because God is omnipresent, He is every where at the same time.

This quarantine has pushed me to expand the horizon of the church from within the four walls, to consume my heart, mind and soul. The purpose of the church is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all to participate through prayer, giving and some are even called to action. We don’t need a building for that. The real Tabernacle is in our hearts!!

Pray for direction and wisdom in communicating the good news of salvation to the world.

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