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Kathy Borders


Many people think they should wait until they get their lives together to establish a relationship with the Savior. They feel as if the have all they time in the world to accept Jesus. As we can tell by how death is quickly sweeping thru our nation, the next day or moment is not promised to us.

None of us are worthy of salvation. There is nothing we could ever do or say to earn God’s goodness and mercy towards us. He constantly serves as the bridge that allows us to go over the pools of sin. We did not deserve this act of love. God did it on His own motivated only by His unfailing grace.

Jesus did not wait until we could get our lives together. He knew we did not have that ability. He did not wait until we deserved Him. He knew that we never would. Instead, He freely gave Himself for all mankind and extended an invitation for every sinner to accept His as their Savior.

Romans 5:6-10


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