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Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

We Are Rich!!

When you think about what it means to be poor, what comes to mind? Many of us immediately put the focus on money. We imagine a life style where there is not enough of that to go  around. In the bible, the word poor does not always mean a lack of material things. In fact, being poor in spirit has little to do with your economic standing but has everything to do with being utterly dependent on God in all things. The poor in spirit  are the ones who recognize that there isn’t anything they have that hasn’t been given by God.  It’s a lifestyle of existing day by day with total openness to the father.

Our committed relationship with God makes us rich.  Our Father is rich in houses and land. Our Father is the giver of all wisdom. Our father is the ultimate healer. Our Father is the supplier of all of our needs. Our father is rich and because he is our shepherd and we are joint heirs with him, we lack nothing.

Philippians 4:19

Psalm 23

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