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Life is a Puzzle

Have you ever opened a puzzle box and looked at all the spread out pieces? You can look at the finished picture on the box and know what the finished project is supposed to look like. Then you begin to think of th process of sorting and separating all those pieces, only to ut them together again to make the picture on the box. Have you ever opened the hood of a car and looked at how everything is perfectly put together to allow that car to run properly? Did you ever think that all those pieces were once spread out just like puzzle pieces. If one part is missing, the car won’t run. Just as in the puzzle, if one part is missing, the picture is not complete.

This is how we should think about the beatitudes in the word of God.  These passages of scriptures are a complete unit where every piece is essential. When we see them all together, we begin to see a complete picture of the kingdom. Go to Matthew 5, collect all your puzzle pieces, and put that puzzle together.


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