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Working God’s Way

There are may times we get instructions from God.  However, we fail to wait on directions from God. Instruction is what to do, while direction is how to do it. All kingdom work that the Father considers valuable takes place thru His Holy Spirit. This simply means you can’t handle God’s assignments any type of way. There’s only one correct way, and that’s His way.

We have been chosen by God to do His work. We are called to honor Him with a life that pleases Him. That life should consist of obedience, which is expressed through faith and service. It should also consist of love. That love is displayed by how we treat our brothers and sisters.  We must not rely  on our own wisdom and strength, but on God’s Holy Spirit which is our teacher and guide.

If we are believers, we are called to rest or abide in Christ. Don’t focus on circumstances. Instead, redirect your focus to Christ and seek His will.  You can’t know what He’s instructing us to do or how He’s directing us to do it if we are not completely focused Him.

Zechariah 4:5-7




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