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Grow the Gift

Have you ever made a deposit in a savings account? You were disciplined and left it there. However, you went back several years later and saw the exact same amount or less in the account because of some type of fee that you knew nothing about. You would be pretty upset because you were expecting the interest to grow the amount you had initially put in.

Christ is expecting anyone who believes in Him to do greater works. (John 14:12) We were His savings account and His blood was the deposit. When He comes back, will he find any interest in us?  Jesus expects us to do something with the gifts he’s given to us. We are to be fruit producers not fruit inspectors.  If He has gifted you to sing, preach, teach, play an instrument, or anything else, then we are to share those gifts with others so that the kingdom of God can be enlarged. Read the parable in Matthew and see what happens when servants are getters but not growers.

Read Matthew 25:14-30



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