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Kathy Borders

Kathy Borders

Are you Prepared?

My aunt and grandmother would always dress us according to the weather. I often wondered how they knew early in the morning what the weather would be like that afternoon. My aunt never left the house without checking the forecast and my grandmother would look at the clouds and smell the air.  Now I don’t know how accurate my grandmother was, but she said she could smell rain in the air. I believed her.  My point is, they always made preparations and they made sure those that they loved were prepared as well. Many times we did not heed to their advice and would find ourselves cold because we didn’t bring a jacket, or wet because we didn’t get a rain coat. We heard the warnings, but did not take heed to them.

Can we look at our spiritual lives the same way? We know that the Lord is on his way back. We have heard the warning thru the word of God. We can see the scriptures being fulfilled daily. Are we preparing?  1Thess. 5 gives us words of warning and instruction so that we will be ready. I challenge you to not only read, but take heed and prepare for the coming of the Lord.



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