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Physical vs Spiritual Evaluation

A mirror is a great way to give ourselves a physical evaluation.  A mirror will show us physical blemishes in our appearance. We then may purchase medications, change our eating habits or drink more water to help with flushing out the impurities in our system. We continue to take daily looks in the mirror to see if there is an improvement in our physical appearance.  We continue to do what is needed to ensure that our physical appearance is pleasant and as attractive as possible.

Do we take the same care when it comes to a spiritual evaluation?  What do we use when we see the spiritual blemishes? Do we use the word as our mirror to do a spiritual evaluation? Do we search the scriptures to find what we need to flush out the impurities in our spirit?

Psalms 51:2 “Wash me clean from my guilt, purify me drom my sin.”

Psalms 51:9-10 “Don’t keep looking at my sins, remove the stain of my guilt. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.”

David knew he had some some blemishes that needed to be dealt with.  He addressed them in this passage of scripture.  David openly confessed and asked the Lord for help. He asked the Lord for restoration.  He knew he was out of the will of God.  He asked the Lord to create a clean heart which implies that the heart he had was unclean. Have you confessed? Have you asked the Lord to create a clean heart, help or restore you lately? When is the last time you pulled out the mirror, the word of God, and did a spiritual evaluation?

Read Psalm 51 in its entirety.  Use it as a mirror? You may look good in the physical.  Now go evaluate your spirit.


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