The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

Staying Young At Heart

Having recently celebrated birthday, I realize that this physical body has definitely aged. However, I have chosen not to get old. Old is a state of mind. I’ve decided that I will not allow my mind to catch up with my body. I will eventually work on this body as well.. but I digress. (lol) … Read more

Making God Goals

While working toward a goal that seems good, you realize that reaching them will require a choice of decisions that upset your spirit. Whenever that is the case, it’s safe to say, this hasn’t been approved by God. The Lord will not give you thoughts or goals that are contrary to His will and His … Read more

Grow Up

Maturity in the body of Christ is necessary to continue to understand the ways of God. We don’t instantly understand all things at the moment of salvation.  As time passes, we develop wisdom through studying the word of God and through prayer.  If we stay diligent, we will learn how to differentiate between truth and … Read more

God Answers Prayer

In the midst of all we are enduring, we may think that our prayers are not being heard by God. Some may even feel, that God hears us but is choosing not to answer.  However, we are taught to persevere in prayer, and scripture teaches us that God will answer. Oftentimes, unanswered prayers are not … Read more

God Is Still In Charge

Currently it may appear that everything is out of control. It may seem as if no one really knows what decisions are needed for anything or anyone. News Flash: God knows exactly what is going on.  Because God is still omniscient, we can be confident that He knows and is in control of every aspect … Read more