The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

Having A Grateful Heart

Giving thanks and praise to God magnifies Him, but it also benefits us. Our gratitude is not a necessity to God, but as we give Him thanks, it aides us in many ways. When we express our gratefulness to God, it helps us refocus our attention. Currently our life is filled with many distractions. Because … Read more

Use Your Spiritual Gift

Spiritual gifts fall into two categories, speaking and serving. Neither is more important than the other because both are demonstrations of God’s grace to the church. However, if we are using our spiritual gifts, the kingdom is suffering. Prayerfully most believers are involved in a local church, actively loving the body of Christ. By doing … Read more

Who Is In Your Ear?

Have you ever done something then later questioned yourself as to why you did it? Have you ever said something and questioned yourself as to why you said it?  Where did all this come from? Have you ever thought about who or what you are listening to? Unlike any other sense, our ears are open … Read more

Faith Fight

It has been said that a faith that can’t be tested, is one that can’t be trusted. The events of today can have ones emotions swinging between strong and weak, or doubt and faith. Although you are aware of what the word says, your emotions may have you feeling something different. No matter how long … Read more

Choose The Light

We are in a time of such emotional and spiritual darkness. Sadly, even those who are believers have become so accustomed to the the dark that we no longer know how to look for the light. While we can’t escape the darkness, we don’t have to allow it to rule us. God has provided everything … Read more


Because we are in the middle of a global pandemic, it seems like the world is changing daily. These changes may cause us be anxious and uncertain. We must remember that “God is our refuge and very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1) When we face frightening and uncertain times, we find comfort in the … Read more

Saved But Suffering

Some people are under the misconception that once they are saved, there would be no more suffering. That is far from the truth. If our savior suffered, then so shall we. (2 Timothy 2:12) He came to earth as a man and suffered an excruciating death. He was the Son of God, and suffered on … Read more

The Lord Understands

Jesus knows what it feels like when we struggle. The Lord left the heavens to add humanity to His deity.  He temporarily gave up His divine privileges and submitted himself to do only what the father commanded. Our Savior understands what we feel because he went through the same types of situations we do. Though … Read more