The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

Financial Faithfulness

For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. (1Timothy 6:10) This scripture can scare you if you do not a good grasp on your finances. God gives us financial guidance throughout His word. It is important that we are financially fit. Like all good financial advisors, God has a plan for our … Read more

Jesus Never Fails

As human beings, we all fall short at times. Each of us have flaws and periods of suffering. When difficult times arise, we sometimes look to other people for comfort or for a way out. Many times, these people fail to meet the needs we have. We must realize, these people are human beings too.  … Read more

God Has All The Answers

If we are honest, most of our lives revolves around clocks, planners and schedules. We are often impatient. We think, if only this could happen or I wish that had taken place sooner. Sometimes,  depending on what we’re doing, time may seem to pass differently from what we expect. We spend a lot of time … Read more

How He Love Us

Think about how water flows down on rocks to a stream, then to a river, and ultimately flowing out into the ocean. This is how we should see all our provisions flowing from God to all of us. When God gives us abilities or other blessings, it’s not by accident. God who knows what He … Read more

Our Best Offering

When we hear the word offering, we immediately think of money. An offering is not just something you give, it is also something you do. In those times when you don’t have any money, you still have an offering. What can you offer? You can offer your time, your talent, your wisdom or your experiences. … Read more

Mourning Til Morning

Death is a real part of life. Because of this, mourning is a real part of recovery. No one can tell us how to mourn or how long to mourn. However, I encourage you to allow your Mourning to take you to your Morning.  This morning has nothing to do with physical day light. This … Read more

When God Works

God is able to do more than we can ever ask or think. Many Christians go through their life every day without being aware of how the Lord is at work.  He is constantly active working out our problems and listening to all of our prayers. God is at the work in the lives of … Read more