The Evangelistic Outreach of Minister Kathy Borders

Working God’s Way

There are may times we get instructions from God.  However, we fail to wait on directions from God. Instruction is what to do, while direction is how to do it. All kingdom work that the Father considers valuable takes place thru His Holy Spirit. This simply means you can’t handle God’s assignments any type of … Read more

Don’t Be Jealous

Jealousy can destroy lives and relationships. Jealousy is a disagreement with God over something He chose to give to someone else.  Sometimes, it’s the fear of being replaced in a job or relationship. When we feel this way, we must admit that we have conflict with God. We should confess our wrong mindset, repent and … Read more

The Rollercoaster of Life

Life can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you’re down.  There are quick turns and curves.  There are times when you lose things and people while on this ride called life. How do you react when life feels like this,  Do you tremble with fear? Do you recall the word … Read more

Write The Vision

God has a purpose for our lives, but we need to establish goals to help us stay on track. (Ephesians 2:10) Once we know the direction of God wants us to take we should follow it. Have a defined vision or mission. (Habakkuk 2:2-3) Be confident knowing that God will complete what He started in … Read more

Stand Firm At All Times

It’s easy to stand firm when everyone around you is standing firm. However, what kind of standing power do you have when your convictions are challenged and tested? How do you stand when everything and everyone around you is bending and compromising? In these times, we may be tempted to change because of the fear … Read more

The Spirit of Discernment

Have you ever made a decision and immediately began to feel uneasy? Have you  ever been driving and something told you to go another way? Have you ever walked in a situation and something on the inside tells you it isn’t right? That is your spiritual discernment kicking in.  LISTEN! God wants us to know … Read more

Do What God Says

God may ask us to do things that don’t make sense, but they will always make a difference. We must get to a point in our relationship with God, that we don’t try to figure Him out, we merely trust Him at his word. Peter was a professional fisherman. This was how he made his … Read more

Called to Serve

When we say “Yes” to Christ, we are in essence saying yes to serve.  Serving is the universal call of God and it applies to all believers. There is no title needed when we are servants. We proclaim the gospel with our life as well as our lips. All of us who belong to Jesus … Read more